Today, collectivities and municipalities are concerned about excessive speed of vehicles passing through their territory.

The thorough analysis of our customer's needs emphasizes that accident scenes are mainly located in rural and semi-urban areas that often have limited financial means. proposes a new powerful equipment, at an unbeatable price, so that local representatives do not have to give up their project due to limited budget.

Radar Speed Display
from 1 200 € HT excluding VAT

When placed strategically, the speed displayed by the panel sends immediate and effective information towards motorists.

The eye-catching indication on the panel makes the motorist aware of his “real speed”, thus reducing it immediately to comply with the “regulated speed” limit.

The Speed Display Panel "Radar Préventif" is an effective tool to educate motorists crossing the area and help them to behave as responsible citizens.

Radar Speed Display
from 1 200 € HT excluding VAT

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